Friday, May 28, 2010

6 Day Blanket Errata

Many thanks to CrochetedAway on Ravelry for noticing a mistake in Row 2 of the 6 Day Kid Blanket pattern.

Row 2 should read:
Row 2: ch 3, sk first 3 sc, [3dc in next sc, sk next 2 sc] twice, [3 dc, ch 3, 3 dc] into next sc, *sk next 2 sc, 3dc into next sc, sk next 2 sc, dc3tog, sk next 4 sc, dc3tog, sk next 2 sc, 3 dc in next sc, sk next 2 sc [ 3 dc, ch3, 3 dc] into next sc; rep from * to last 9 sc, sk next 2 sc [3 dc into next sc, sk next 2 sc] twice, 1 dc into last sc, turn.

April 08 Crochet - 1.jpg

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Little Poetry by Betty
(dedicated to the group with four swappers left)

I will knit it in a chair
I will knit it in the air
I will knit it in the bed
Or maybe just crochet instead
I will knit it lots in cars
I have been known to knit in bars
I will knit it here at home
or anywhere that I might roam
I will knit it here, or there,
I will knit it anywhere!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Lafayette's Afghan featured on True Blood fan pages!


One of the members of Knit One, Dead Too on Ravelry has already completed the Afghan A La Lafayette, aka Lafayette's Afghan from True Blood.

If you are not a Ravelry member you can download the pattern for Lafayette's Afghan here.

It's just a granny square afghan!! But the really special part about it is that it is just like the granny square afghan that Lafayette wraps himself up in after he comes home from the Fangtasia dungeon.

Some of the ladies on Knit One, Dead Too asked for some help with the granny square thing, so I put together the pattern. Thanks to MissInga for actually test-crocheting it for me, because I only have about 10 squares done on mine. (I think I'll work on it today, lol I say that every day) MissInga was then kind enough to post pictures of her completed Lafayette's Afghan and links to my pattern on fan sites and blogs. I'm tickled!

Here's the blog entry about the afghan: Loving True Blood in Dallas

And a link to the Fan Art page of

Thank you MissInga!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thomas Wallaby/Wallabies


I made my nephew a beautiful Wallaby like the one I made my son years ago - the first one disappeared - so I made another one for my favorite little nephew (I only have one other nephew, and he's big... ) Now GG has a Thomas Wallaby of his very own.

His aunt, my cousin-in-law, I guess I would have to call her, asked for a set of them for her twins! I have a rule not to knit for people who don't love me, but we are all like family after we lost little Sophia Rose last year. Anyone who loved her is family, as far as I'm concerned. Plus, she offered to pay me. So I agreed.

That was Easter. I'm still working on them!!! AAAAAGGGGG It's been so long, I don't think I will be able to take any money for them. She wanted them for Easter!

They are so cute - one is for a girl, and I put the engine Rosie on it instead of Thomas. It is adorable.

I'm forcing myself to finish them before starting my Lafayette's Afghan. I will not Lafayette's afghan before I finish the twin Wallabies... pardon me while I say that 100 times and knit a wallaby.

Pictures? Someday...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Creepy Clapotis

originally posted 2/7/2009


Once upon a time, (September) I started on the oh-so-popular Clapotis. I'm not sure what attracted me to it, except that maybe everyone was knitting it. You couldn't go two steps on the kniternet without hearing about the clapotis. So I decided to start one.

I waited and waited for the right yarn to find me, and I ended up with some clearance yarn from Knit Picks called Gossamer in a color called Trail. The trail is apparently orange, green, and yellow. These are my colors, and the yarn feels great. It's 100% merino and very soft, and laceweight.

However, it is not the right yarn for this pattern. The colors pool in an ugly way and I'm not proud of the project. It looks icky. It was my car knitting... I was working on it at red lights while taking Teague to school. One day I started taking 395 and wasn't sitting at red lights anymore. Not only that, but I decided that with my fatigue problem, that knitting while driving was probably not a very good idea, and I started focusing on the road and leaving the clapotis behind.

So it sits.

Also, the colors pooled in such a way that the clapotis looks like it has a face. I keep working on it though because I'm hoping that when I unravel all the dropped stitches that the pattern calls for that the face will stop looking at me and laughing.

You can see the face in the picture above. Creepy.

Updated 5-4-2009
And I feel soooooooooo much better now!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Swapping on Ravelry

The first month, our theme color was ... I forget already!! darnit... I mostly took my ideas from my spoilee's preferences, and she said she liked strong colors, and would like to receive a felted iphone cover. This gave me the chance to develop a pattern for a felted iPhone cover, which I plan to post on this blog and Ravelry... someday. You know how that goes!!

The first month (March) My spoiler was Veggie (Becky). She sent me the cutest stuff. She seems like such a fun person. I would love to meet her face to face. She seems like she would be very light-hearted.

She sent fingerless gloves in my favorite color combination, and yarn to make another pair (love the green yarn especially), stitch markers, cable needles, a crochet hook and the pattern for the fingerless gloves.

I don't know if these are Veggie's original design, or if the pattern came from somewhere else. I got the feeling she just whipped them up out of her brain. They are great, they fit nice and they feel really good.
Swap Stuff

My package was also loaded with chocolate and other edible goodies... mmmmmmmm I swallowed one of those fish as soon as I saw them. I have a special hiding place for my chocolate at home where all the chocolate in this package was promptly stashed. So the rest of the family will not eat it. They do not know how to savor like I do.

Swap Treats

The funnest thing in my package was Kermie.
Veggie's Kermit
I realize that I am not being very original in his name, but I just went to the Smithsonian Museum of American History a day or two before I got this package, and I saw the original Kermit the Frog, and that brought back memories.

He is crochetted out of some soft, fuzzy yarn and he is BIG, with a big, wide grin. How cute is this guy with his button eyes?? Thank you, Becky/Veggie! He really brought a smile to my face, and I put him where I will run into him lots throughout the day so I will remember to SMILE.
Kermie's friend
Now if this last picture does not make you smile, well, there's just no hope for you.


Here, FINALLY are the pictures of my package from Julie/Starkdude!!!
Julie was so thoughtful and creative, and clever in the way she incorporated my favorite color (green) into the theme color (pink).
First, there was a very cute little purse with a neat closure, I'm not sure how to explain it... it's like the handle wraps through this ring to close the bag. It is perfect for a small project or two, like socks. I just love it, and Lyse saw it and she was very jealous!
Purse and Chocolates
Chocolates, of course, are always welcome and useful.

She included some small goodies, my favorite of which is the tape measure (bottom middle). It will go in the bag for use with the small projects.
Small Goodies
I thought this journal and the cover she knitted were especially thoughtful. I was very touched!!
Journal and Cover
I don't know if it is Julie's original pattern or not, but what a great idea. Lyse loved it too, and I think she tried to leave my house with it when I wasn't looking.

Finally, I had to make sure I got a picture of our new puppy with the goods, since Mudkip the Chihuahua/Toy Fox Terrier was featured in my photo of my first round of goodies. The puppy's name is Mochi, and he's a Japanese Chin.

I just love this yarn, it's called Four Seasons by Classic Elite and it's a cotton/wool blend. I love love love love it! It was a very smart choice. I will make the neckwarmer ASAP for summertime/anytime. ThNeckwarmer Pattern and Yarn

Thank you Julie! I love my package.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

GG Jester Hat

GGester Hat

I started working out the pattern for this hat, which I'm calling the GGester Hat.

I made one of these hats for Teague years ago, and honestly, he didn't wear it too much. It must have gone into the hand-me-down box, because a couple of months ago I found my nephew GG wearing it.

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